Off topic

Off topic

Off topic is just that, it’s the things that you may not know about me or may not understand about me. Just random stuff that will hopefully help you understand the way I work and think. Nothing more.


I love music, it’s what inspires me to create, regardless of medium. As you will eventually see if you like reading my rags, I like to share what I am listening to in my posts, so that you can feel what I felt when I was writing. It may not always fit with the subject but it’s just a bit of sharing I like to do to connect. Music and Math are the only true universal languages, and I suck at math. So if you see me dropping a link about what I am listening to in the current post you are reading. It will normally be a Youtube link as I’m not sure a Spotify embed will work here yet. That’s really all I have to say about that.

My dog Jango (Fett)

My dog is Always with me, he’s a two year old black lab that me and my family adopted when he was just a few months old. He was picked up by the local SPCA abandoned on the side of the road with his brother (Mario) whom my next door neighbor adopted. He is the most loving and Loyal dog I have ever had the pleasure to call family. He is here with me through every word written, and every level gained. He’s witness to the milestones and the cursing. He’s the silent partner I wish could talk.

I’m a Star Wars fan

As you have probably already gathered (see above title), and as so I will sometimes share my thoughts on the Movies, and the books I read. Hopefully I’m not the only one!

That’s it for now