I am an old gamer from the North East North Carolina. My adventures started with an Atari 2700 when I was very young, I moved on to the Nintendo Entertainment System when I got it for Christmas at the age of ten. I didn’t really get into PC games until 1995 a year after Warcraft (The RPG) was released and MMO’s until I got an email from Blizzard entertainment in 2003 to be a part of the World of Warcraft beta.

I played a Druid for the majority of my time in Beta and carried the tradition on in Vanilla. I didn’t really get into endgame content in Vanilla (I did a few MC/AQ (20 and 40)/BWL and I tried my hand at Naxxaramas but failed miserably.

In Burning Crusade I was in a server first guild who killed every single boss from Kara to Sunwell. I was mainly healing back then but could also be found occasionally tanking.

In Wrath of the Lich King I decided to go away from my Druid for a while and play a Death Knight. I successfully tanked all of the content at a server first pace starting with (the new) Naxxaramas into the Icecrown Citadel. I downed the Lich King previous to the buff (not many can say that) on 25 man, and started working on 10 man Heroic (because only 10 of us were really interested in Heroic LK). I downed Heroic LK 10 with a 5% buff (could probably have done it without but ran out of time). We were also in Ruby Sanctum though that was a joke of a raid even on Heroic.

After the WotLK expansion I started beta testing Rift, it was a great game and I tested it up to the release of Cataclysm. I decided to go back to my Druid for Cataclysm and played her as Resto / Boomkin for the rest of my raiding days in World of Warcraft. I completed the first tier of raiding in Cataclysm before leaving World of Warcraft. I left WoW for Rift and never really looked back.

In Rift I played a Rogue and was one of the few 50’s 2 weeks into the games launch. I played my rogue as a tank for the majority of the time and the rest was spent as a ranged rogue (Marksman and Ranger). I picked up with raiding in Rift where I left off in World of Warcraft and enjoyed it very much because it was challenging again. I cleared all content available and a few patches in as well before throwing in the towel for a few months to take a break from gaming.

After my 9 month break from gaming I played SWTOR and was the server first Marauder on Tarentatek. I completed the first bit of content for endgame and quit because well, SWTOR sucked…

I went back to Rift and World of Warcraft a few times, leveling a Cleric in Rift to 50 and gearing him. I then switched over to World of Warcraft where I leveled my Paladin to 85 and geared her out in heroics.

I then leveled to 80 as an “Asuran” Necromancer and played for a few month but lost interest due to no end game content.

I played in MoP for the very end, I got the feat of strength for defeating Lei Shen before the patch (ahead of the curve) on my druid again as a healer, but quit because I didn’t want to heal anymore and my raid group needed a healer.

I came back for the launch of Warlords and ran a successful guild with a few friends of mine until we decided to call it quits because the content was getting old and boring.

I am currently playing the games you see in the link listed.

I am also currently working on a long/short story over at my other blog Infinite Fiction, if you like to read fantasy / sci-fi. Check it out, it’s a slow going process as this is my first attempt at writing fictional works. I am trying to develop the story in my head at this point so I have not written anything in a few weeks.

I read a lot of Star wars novels (really been into “The old Republic” series), and I am an avid American football, basketball, and baseball fan.

I currently reside on the coast of North Carolina, with my wife, 2 sons, and a dog (Jango yes named after a Fett).

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