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Light, light was all I could see, pure and innocent. This light was not like that of a sunny day in Stormwind, this was much more. Peaceful and luminescent, full of hope and strength. Something about this light was calling me, beckoning me out of the darkness. Filling me with inspiration. It spoke to me, softly at first and then becoming more resonant. “Rise” , “Rise champion, for you will be the light where darkness would fall.” I blinked and saw a magnificent structure of crystals in front of me. This structure seemed to hum as it slowly spun around itself. It spoke to me again.

“My name is Tallesse, and I was once a champion like you, struck down like you. I was battling hordes of enemies that would bring darkness into the world, when I suddenly ceased to exist.” “I too was afraid, but there is nothing to fear here.” “You are among the light, and where there is light, there is hope.”

I felt a sense of peace come over me, something that I had not felt in years. I was a warrior. I had fought in many battles, and slain many foes. This type of life takes a toll on ones faith. Seeing nothing but death will waver a mans faith and make him wonder what’s real. Death is certain, death is final. Or is it? I died, I remember being torn apart as if it happened a few hours ago. So how is it that I am alive?

“I’m sure you have many questions, and Alamar will gladly answer them, but for now, rest champion” Tallesse said.

Alamar introduced himself as the lights steward, he was a stalwart looking man, donning a suit of armor that almost seemed to glow as if it was infused with light itself, a large book hanging from his belt held in place by a chain, and a large weapon that looked like a long ornate candle stick holder, but at the end protruded a large crystal positioned horizontally at the end. It was a magnificent looking weapon, it almost seemed as though it was alive itself, the way the light pulsed from it. The yellow glow of golden light from his weapon drew me in. Alamar immediately noticed and drew it from his back.

“This is the hand that crushes the darkness, her name is Dawnbringer, and she has served me well. Each paladin here is presented with a weapon at the end of training, and you will as well” he said. “You have been chosen by the light to defend our world against a rising threat.” Alamar exclaimed.

Alamar led me into a room with modest decoration and a medium sized bed, large enough for a man of my size but not of the size of Alamar. He welcomed me officially, and told me that I was welcome to walk the grounds at my leisure but to be mindful of those in worship, and he took his leave.

A few hours went by and I really wasn’t able to sleep, I thought over some of the things that Alamar had said, and one thing stuck with me. He had said “I was chosen by the light to serve our world”. What did he mean? Was he saying that I was chosen to be a warrior again? Was I not killed in battle already? Was that not enough? Why did I not get honored by my brethren in the halls of glory? How am I still alive? All of these questions were daunting, and while I didn’t really resent the fact that I had been brought back, I did not understand why. I was just an officer in a small brigade of men… Wait what had happened to my men? Were they okay? I had so many questions and I did not know who had the answers but I knew that Alamar might. I put on my boots and walked to the door only to find a tall slender Night elf woman standing guard at my door. She saluted me with a sharp snap and resumed her post as I walked out of the door. Falling back into my role as an officer of my brigade, I quickly asked the soldier who had saluted me to point me in the direction of Alamar. She politely pointed me to the chapel and resumed her attention. I thanked her and was on my way.

A few minutes later I arrived at the chapel to see Alamar rising from a knee in front of the altar in the chapel. He rose fully and greeted me at the entrance, ushering me out of the door so that we could talk without disturbing the other worshipers. “Hello friend” Alamar stated, “You have questions for me, no?”

Without even stopping I started in on the questions, How was I alive? where were my men? Where was everyone? Question after question poured out me, as if I had no filter and there was no time to wait for the answer.

Alamar sat me down at a bench in front of the chapel and started to answer each of my questions. “Your men are not dead but not alive”, he explained to me.

That made no sense, how can you not be dead but also not be alive?

“They have been raised by a powerful Lich who has enslaved them to an eternity of servitude as what we were calling Death Knights” He said “This enslavement cost the knight his soul and the endless torment compelled him to follow the commands of the one that they only refer’ed to as the Lich king”. “They were not men anymore, but mindless slaves to a master that was hellbent on destroying all life in the world” he explained.

Standing now, in dismay, I felt as though I had been kicked in the chest and the pain was unbearable, I sat back down. I could not breathe and when I tried, all that greeted me was more pain. My heart ached for all of my men, what had they become? I instantly snapped to my senses and and asked about my dear friend Uledrass, had he made it?

Alamar lowered his head, looking at a stone on the ground, he picked it up. “This rock, it is here, but as we both know, it can be used to build a wall or a weapon. Your friend has been chosen by the darkness to be a weapon.” he exclaimed. “Uledrass was one of the greatest warriors I have ever had the privilege of calling a friend, but he is lost to us.” “What is worse is that Kora was dispatched to Lights hope chapel, to intercept him, to try and reason with him” He said with a somber face, “She had been looking for her husband for days, and we dispatched a messenger to  let her know where he was.” “This was days ago and we fear the worst for Kora.”

I winced at the words, knowing what the possible outcome could be. I knew that both of my friends were gone, one lost to the scourge and the other lost to fate. I did not know what to do, and I had never really been a religious man in my previous life, but I felt as though I needed to reflect, and make sense of what was happening to me. I asked Alamar if he would allow me some time while I sat alone. He obliged, and I was alone.

I sat there in silence, for what seemed like an eternity, trying to make sense of what had happened. I was alive, I had a purpose, I had a reason, and the light had given me a second chance. “I will not waste it!” I exclaimed out loud.