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Currently listening to:(Check out Subterra it’s got Undercity music in it) Celldweller – Soundtrack for the voices in my head(vol.1)


Today’s adventures in beta…

So even though the game is dropping in less than 24 hours, I figured since I have never gotten into a Blizzard beta, I would check it out. I logged in and created a new Death knight, though I used my same IGN from live servers. Immediately I decided that for questing Unholy would be best (AoE gods). I was required to do the Lordaeron event quest, but after that I was promptly sent on my way. Don’t worry I’m not giving spoilers, I just wanted to say that after a few hours of play (level 113) I am so amped for this expansion. It has a very “Mists of Pandaria” feel to it and I really like that. That is all!

On to the story writing…

I’m really enjoying writing the story I have been working on. After hearing the feedback from some people  know in real life, I am gaining confidence. It’s really got me hooked.

I will NOT be posting a chapter to the story every post, as this blog is for much more than just a story about my characters in World of Warcraft. It is an avenue for me to express my creativity but it is not all I want to do with this blog. I would also like to clear the air about RP’ing (because I write a story based on my characters in game). I Do have characters on an RP server. This is because I have friends who play on that server, I do not RP, never been into it. I’m also not saying it’s a bad thing, it’s just not my thing. I have a server full of 110’s on Lightbringer where I raided last expansion as well. I just play where ever my friends are.

As for the story and how I will keep track of its chronology of posts, I have made this page and will make a list of links (for each story) in order of posts. This should make it easy for anyone to come and read the story, even if they have not been following the blog.


Paying back those who inspire me…

I just wanted to make a list of the podcast’s that I listen to weekly, as they are my main source of news. They keep me in topics and I couldn’t do what I do here without them. I do a lot of driving (to and from work) and these are what keep me informed.These are in NO particular order.

Without any further ado…

Saying goodbye to Legion…

By the time I get home from work tomorrow Battle for Azeroth should be close to launch (3:00 PM PST / 6:00 PM EST) So tonight is my last night of Legion. It was a good expansion and it’s vibe will certainly be missed. I will really miss Illidan, he was such a good antagonist as well as protagonist. The things that were introduced for Legion have changed the way we play the game and I will always be grateful for that. Looking forward to the future here on out.

I would like to state one goal for Battle for Azeroth that I did not do for the last two expansions. I am setting a goal to play the entire expansion for BFA. I want to experience the entire thing!

With that I have a few people who would like to say goodbye to Legion as well!




I leave you with this:

You now walk upon the hollowed ground of the Scourge, the Light won’t protect you here, Paladin. Nothing will protect you…” -Lich King