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I know I know…

In know I said I was going to write a reaction piece to the Siege of Lordaeron, but to be honest I ran out of time tonight after not only finishing the Lucid Nightmare secret challenge, but then starting and finishing the Riddler’s Mind-Worm secret challenge.

So to start this off, I have to say that the Lucid Nightmare challenge was considerably more challenging than the Riddler’s Mind-Worm challenge. For starters there are actual mini-games (puzzles) that must be completed to complete the Lucid Nightmare challenge, secondly it requires going to some very obscure places while culminating in a secret maze that took me at least 2 hours to complete. Why you ask? The dungeon is procedurally generated not only by player idea but also by the day. Here is the developers note that explains the way it is done.

This was a pain in the ass, but super fun and I would recommend anyone that has not done it to give it a go. It’s a great way to work towards a solo goal, that can be completed in a day or two, and comes with a reward!

The Riddler’s Mind-Worm challenge is not equally challenging but it takes you to lesser seen zones (these days) and honestly like the Lucid Nightmare challenge, takes you all over the world of Azeroth. My next challenge (which will be considerably harder) is the Kosumoth the Hungering challenge that unlocks the world quest for a mount and pet.

I’m going to try to get his one done by the end of the week but if I do not, I will be putting it on hold for obvious reasons.

On a different note…

I’m getting super excited about the expansion! I’m really looking forward to all of the new systems and zones, and story. I know that people have been over analyzing the heck out of the story and the fact that the Horde has been demonized, but I’m okay with it, because I know eventually it will turn into a great story. I mean have you ever read any of the novels by Christie Golden? She’s got my heart with the fact that she not only writes World of Warcraft Novels, but also writes Star Wars novels (my real jam). I just have a really good feeling about this one guys! Trust in the process of a story.

I leave you all with this:

 “I was away for too long. My absence cost us the lives of some of our greatest heroes. Trash like you and this evil witch were allowed to roam free, unchecked.” – King Varian Wrynn