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My situation…

So the few friends that I have that play World of Warcraft anymore are really not interested in organized play. They have made it known that they have no intentions of making a guild, and there will be no schedule for Mythic / BG runs. This instantly made me think I needed to find a guild that would fit my needs, because I don’t have time to run one, and I really just don’t want to. I then took a second to think about guilds and their place in this new feature of communities. I mean what’s the point of a guild now if you can be part of anything you want? I understand there are guild perks, and a tag that says “Hey I’m with these guys” but other than that I don’t see why a guild is really an important decision anymore. I’m part of a very large world PvP guild on Emerald Dream, and I see no reason to look for another. Not to mention communities were created for those small groups that just want to do small content, as well as large groups who want to pull from a larger pool of players but not sacrifice your guild position to participate with them. The possibilities are limitless.

How this effects me (and maybe you)…

Like I said I have a few friends that I will playing with (in different situations PvE/PvP), and we are not going to start a guild nor are we even talking about joining the same guild. I have different goals than some of them, so maybe we don’t fit into the same guild. Enter the communities feature. This feature allows me to pick the guild that I fit into, while also allowing me to create and join communities for specific purposes. For instance I want to do mythic dungeons, but I’m not really interested in raids, but maybe my buddy Honda’s agenda is to raid as well as do mythic. We create a Mythic community and invite the people interested in doing mythics that we both join, but then he creates/joins a community that makes raiders available to him. He is free to use this community to create a team that can go smash up some raid bosses while not sacrificing his guild and perks. On the other hand I can still recruit him and others from the mythic community to do mythics, and on the side I have a rated BG community to pull players from. This solves a lot of problems for those of us who like facets of the game with others, but may not like all of the same things!

The possible future of communities…

So to be honest I have listed a lot of things you can do with communities and I don’t think I need to list the obvious reasons you may create a community, but lets delve a bit deeper into the rabbit hole with a few ideas I had to solve some leadership / raid group issues (Yeah I know, I don’t want to raid, but I was once a GM and I have been in a leadership position in most every guild I have ever been in). So my first idea is to create a group for GM’s to discuss issues / vent to each other, without making your guild implode when the wrong person starts talking about how you are complaining so much. Now admittedly this is a double edged sword because any GM could use your words against you, and you will have to make a judgement call on who you do and don’t want to talk to.

The next scenario I see is a group for raid leaders to get together and trade raiders. In a non competitive, server first type of situation you could easily trade raiders who would be willing to go to another raid that they have a better shot of meeting their goals in. For example, If a raid had 2 thunder chickens and no mages, and another guild had 2 mages and no thunder chickens, well I think you can do the math on how that might be beneficial to EVERYONE.

I’d challenge each and everyone one of you that reads this to come up with a unique use for a community and leave a comment about it. I know some of you may even already be using one for a unique reason!

That’s it for tonight 1’s and 0’s, I leave you with this:

“Is this it, mortals? Is this all the fury you can muster?” – Illidan Stormrage