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The rant…

Things I hate about being Alliance:

  • The Alliance

HAHA, but for real, why does the Alliance have to be so DPS heavy?  I ran 10 random 10v10 style BG’s, and went 0 and 10. I think statically I should have won at least once right? I mean I started to think I was just bad, and that’s when I hit shift+space and  realized we had NO HEALERS! I then started to think about how this is the last week of an expansion and I shouldn’t really care. There will be an abundance of healers in the coming months and we will once again have symmetry in wins and losses (but good lord I can’t wait for that to happen).

Because of the global situation…

Because of the way that the global cool-down has been reworked, I can’t really get on board with the Warrior, it just feels too slow, I mean don’t get me wrong, it’s got big damage and it may be better once we get the asurite gear, but that’s not a gamble I’m willing to take for a main.

The same goes for the Paladin, it feels less slow with burst, but in general it just isn’t as fun as the death knight and rogue. It feels very squishy as well which surprised me that it feels more squishy than the rogue.

That leads me to the death knight and the rogue. I’m really having a hard time with this one. The DK has a lot of self utility, survive-ability, and can lock an opponent down (DG into CoI is a killer combo). The rogue feels really nice in all three specs and I really enjoy all  three of them. Outlaw is more of an in your face type, while assassination blends both really well, and Sub is a great get in get out spec.

My blood pressure is up and my faith in the Alliance is down so I’m going to sign off with this…

“GOOD NEWS EVERYONE! I perfected a plague that will whipe out all life on Azeroth!!!” – Professor Putricide