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So I have narrowed my choices down considerably. I was all over the place a week ago, today not so much. The choices:

  • Rogue
  • Warrior
  • Death Knight
  • Paladin

Pretty much in that order as of now. I figured the best way to come up with what class was to list my goals for BFA, So here they are:

  • Mythic Dungeon progression (my version of raiding)
  • Competitive class for Arena teams (3’s)
  • Competitive class for rated and unrated BG’s
  • Get the Gladiator mount (for the upcoming season)
  • Have a melee class that is fun to play but not overly complicated
  • Ability to level in war mode without fear.
  • Look cool doing all of that!

Now that you have all of that information we should move on to the…

   Pros and cons…

Rogue Pros:

  • Stealth really helps in the leveling process in war mode (self-explanatory)
  • Really good historically in Arena
  • Good in BG’s (rated or unrated)
  • Upper end DPS historically
  • Fun to play
  • Looks cool doing everything!

Rogue Cons:

  • Can be squishy without CD’s
  • Could suck for this expansion
  • Not especially good at grinding out world quests quickly

Warrior Pros:

  • Hardy with good DPS
  • Mobile
  • Historically good in Arenas and BG’s
  • Fun-ish to play (can get stale) Not sure if this is a pro or con)
  • Can throw on a sword and shield and tank
  • Very viable while questing in war mode

Warrior Cons:

  • Historically gear dependant
  • Easy to play, hard to master
  • Can get stale (see above)

Death Knight Pros:

  • Sturdy with good DPS
  • Tons of survive-ability (war mode plus)
  • Super animations
  • Good in a lot of comps for Arena
  • Can be dominant in BG’s
  • I have played one for so long its second nature
  • Can tank (my favorite tank)
  • Looks cool even when sitting AFK

Death Knight Cons:

  • Not mobile at all
  • Can be a bit slow to play
  • Isn’t really a top-tier for mythic dungeon DPS
  • Everyone plays one just like a Demon Hunter

Paladin Pros:

  • Unbelievable amount of utility
  • Good in BG’s
  • Can fill all three roles
  • Respectable DPS in Mythic dungeon progression
  • Can heal so will be viable in war mode
  • Sturdy

Paladin Cons:

  • Can be down right boring to play
  • Can be slow play at times
  • Not really a super Arena comp class
  • Doesn’t really look cool doing anything

What do you think?

I’m leaning heavily towards the Rogue but I could be persuaded to any of them. I’m planning on leveling my Death Knight this weekend to 110 to see if I enjoy playing it at max level but I’m not stressing it if I do not. I have played the Rogue (my current main) the Warrior (my current main alt) and the Paladin at 110. All are fun enough but I really need to finish the Death Knight to really figure out what I want to do. What do you think? Do any of these classes stand out for you? Am I missing something that maybe you can share with me? Leave me some comments below, I’ll even consider other classes but Remember my goals are kind of rugged on some classes.

“Uulwi ifis halahs gag erh’ongg w’ssh” – Yogg-Saron