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Spoiler alert warning

Disclaimer: If you have not seen both warbringer shorts, this is a spoiler. You have been warned.

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The basic plot…

“Asurite” has been spread across the land and the horde and Alliance are to collect it to heal the wound that Sargeras has created. This seems to be the basic plot…

What i am proposing…

I’m not going to beat around the bush, I don’t really think this is a thing but it made me wonder, so why not?

We just came out of a major conflict where we as a collective of Azeroth (Alliance and Horde) had to defeat a common enemy for a greater purpose than our factions. Anduin has and I believe still believes in peace between the Horde and the Alliance, and will do everything in his power to stop the factions from warring. While this is my opinion and a generalization of Anduin’s feelings towards this whole war, it seems to fit.

Jaina’s perspective

Jaina’s perspective is obviously vindictive after the Warbringer short we saw her in as seen below.

She has completely gone off the rails and is obviously in a darker place than she has ever been before. She seems to feel as though there is penance she must pay to her father and the Kul Tiras people in general. This leads me to believe she not only wants to defeat the Horde but she wants to totally destroy the Horde, and in fact is starting a war without the backing of her king (Anduin). This is evident in the video above, and needs no debate. Did Jaina get an actual order from Anduin to seek revenge? Negative ghost rider, that pattern was taken completely on her own. She is not acting in the best interest of the Alliance, she is acting in the best interest of herself, driven by the realization that her betrayal was in vain, and she herself has become the betrayed.

Sylvanas’ perspective

Sylvanas has a very similar perspective of vindication, as she feels as though the Alliance is in part responsible for her current predicament as something other than a Highborne. Arthas was the son of King Terenas Menethil, and vanity and blind hatred saw him become the Lich King, which in turn is the catalyst for her entire present form. She was not only turned by Arthas, but she was also betrayed by the leader of the Alliances son in her previous life. She believes with all of her heart that the Alliance is led with blind hatred. This is not so apparent in the short below but if you really think about it, that is exactly what the story team was trying to convey, especially with her brash decision to burn down the World tree. When she orders the burning of the World tree, her lieutenant’s even hesitates, as if to say “This is wrong.”

The meat and potatoes…

What I took from this is that we have a Warchief and a very prominent person in the Alliance that are both actually being led by that which they both believe the other is being led by; hatred….

The Horde probably doesn’t even understand how they have become bad guys when just a few months ago they were on the same team as the Alliance saving Azeroth from the ravaging of the Burning legion.

The Alliance feels as though the Horde is acting in a hive mind mentality, when in fact they are being ordered to create this war by sacking Darkshore and burning the World tree. Anduin felt as though he had gotten somewhere with his peacemaking efforts and now he looks like a foolish child to his people, for being so naive. This as we all know will not bode well with the other races of his faction in which he leads, and may actually cause rifts between the races within the faction.

Meanwhile we (the players) as Generals that lead vast armies are being brought into a conflict on either side that we may not believe in. I can play as a human and not be aligned with Jaina’s agenda. Actually from my perspective as we speak, I believe unlike it has been proposed (because it is impossible for Sylvanas to be corrupted by an old god). that Sylvanas is actually being driven by the Val’kyr that she has made a pact with. They can see ones future and saw something in her future that drives them, possibly a new outlet beyond the Lich king (now Bolvar) and the ability to fully free themselves to do as they please (which I bet would be terrible things). The reality of the pact situation is that the Val’kyr and not Sylvanas suggested the pact, lending validity to the possibility that they have seen her future and it furthers their agenda.

On the other hand there is Jaina, and she is perfectly susceptible to the hostile mind take over of an old god. She seems to have grown so strong that she rivals that of any mage that ever has been or likely ever will be in Azeroth’s history. She would be a great host for an old god. This would explain her sudden disapproval of the acts of the Horde, even though they just valiantly fought the burning legion along side the Alliance.

What this does for the player

This ultimately solidifies the fact that there is no good guy / bad guy scenario, but instead proves that corruption and the vile events of Azeroths history has not only been Horde but also Alliance actions. Let’s be perfectly clear here, Arthas brought his fate on himself and became one of the biggest antagonist’s that we (the players) have ever seen. That is until Gul’dan showed up to usher in the end of the world as we know it by handing the keys to Sargeras. Lets not forget Garrosh was acting FULLY alone in his conquest and therefore the Horde gets a pass on that one.

As the player there are two scenarios this theory could materialize into.

  1. We are once again going to see peace in the end and this warmode was created solely for those who really wanted real world PvP and the war to rage on.
  2. The war between the factions will be finalized and you have to pick a side, but that may not mean that when you pick the Horde side, you really have to be Horde. Jaina proved in the scene in which her father was dispatched, that you can work with the enemy.

This lends itself to my theory that we will be able to defect. That lines will be blurred, and we will be left with a choice that really does impact the world we war in.

What do you think? Does this seem plausible? Could it be a thing or is it as I mentioned in the beginning of the article, not likely?

Until tomorrow I leave you with this:

“Now I stand, the lion before the lambs… and they do not fear… They cannot fear…” 
“Apocalypse!” -Lich King Arthas