What to write about???

So I have known this was coming for a week now and for some reason every time I thought I had decided on a topic, I just shot it down as a bad idea. Idea after idea took this plight before I realized the truth, I’m just not sure what I should write about and I’m trying to force it. So while at work today (which is an agonizing daily realization that I have wasted so much of my life doing something I don’t want to do!) I decided to just write off the cuff, kind of make it up as I go. So right now I’m listening to some Chevelle (Wonder Whats Next) and pretending to know what to write about, so here we go!

Recent bio

My about page hasn’t been updated in quite a while and it really doesn’t reflect who I have morphed into. I was once an avid gamer who’s life revolved around my guild and raiding in World of Warcraft with this guy:


Strangely I got bored with WoW and decided to go play other games such as Guildwars 2, The Elder Scrolls Online, and various Steam games (Rocket league is my new guilty pleasure). I haven’t raided since clearing Heroic Emerald Nightmare. I have however come back a few times since then to PvP (I love battlegrounds on my Warrior and Rogue.) At first I thought that because I wasn’t really doing anything important in a game that was relevant, I shouldn’t really write anything, I mean what would I write about? PvP is more of a watch and learn not read and learn type of thing. So I tried my hand at streaming, and as you might expect I got buried under the oceans of WoW players who have 1 to 2 viewers (I’m not even counting the popular once because it makes me feel even more inadequate and uninteresting). So with the knowledge that I could not stream World of Warcraft to an audience I took to more obscure Steam games that I had mild success with but eventually got burned out on, entertaining people with games I didn’t want to play. See I got stuck in this place where I think a lot of new streamers get stuck, that place where they think they have to play games that entertain the viewer to keep viewership up and eventually make partner and start making a little income. Sadly this isn’t how it works and I just burned myself out playing games I didn’t care about. I then quit gaming all together.

To sum it up…

As the months passed, I played a few games on steam, mainly Skyrim and Card games such as Eternal and The Elder Scrolls Legends, before deciding to fire up the Blizzard launcher. See I had purposely stayed away from the Blizzard launcher because I knew what was going to happen the moment I opened it. I knew that as soon as I actually saw all that cool stuff Blizzard was doing I would be back at it again. Sure enough, I opened up the launcher and there it was smack dab in the middle of my easily persuaded face, Battle for Azeroth, in all of it’s glory (yes I actually am excited about it). I instantly bought the expansion and contacted a few friends that I noticed I were also back from a long hiatus and we all decided to roll Alliance characters on Emerald Dream (Not my choice). I rolled a rogue and she is currently happily sitting at item level 195 in PvP gear and the charity gear they are currently giving out via the events in the pre-patch.

What’s next?

Well that remains to be seen but for the month of August I am going to be rolling out a post a day, to prove to my self and my peers that I can do this. I enjoy writing and I would really like to get better at it, so my goal is to write about World of Warcraft for the next 29 days! I may be writing about a new feature coming in Battle for Azeroth or I may go an epic rant about how rogues are in a really bad place in PvP right now. Either way, we will go on this journey together and I really hope that I can be interesting enough to  read!

See your world through my eyes: A universe so vast as to be immeasurable – incomprehensible even to your greatest minds.” –Algalon the Observer