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To preface this I have to say that this game is actually a really good game, just really badly implemented and poorly designed around grinding. All in all I’m sure there are people who get into this kind of thing, I personally am not one of them.

The good

The game has phenomenal graphics and they run flawlessly on many types of machines. I tested them on my gaming rig (i5 4690k Dual R9270x’s) as well as both of my laptops (i5 integrated and A10 R6), it of course ran on ultra on my gaming rig, but ran on medium on the laptops.


The games combat system is great. While it is repetitive, the finishers are really rewarding and headshots with a bow are just sex. All in all the combat is a great experience, coupled with the ability to augment weapons with mods that drastically change the way it does damage, it makes for a stellar time.

The community has some very great people who made me feel very at home in the game and gave me great pointers. Including one person who game me a premium item just because. I met most of these people while streaming the game on Twitch (http://twitch.tv/zer0fun) and would like to make a shout out to “Ooookeem” who really helped me out at the start.

The Neutral

I’m actually neutral to the cash shop, it gives no clear advantage to players paying for Platinum (The real money currency) as you can trade for platinum on a pretty genius market seen here.

The bad

The game is a complete grind. While I don’t mind grinding in some MMO’s to get to max level or to grind out some sort of experience bar, I can’t seem to get on board with the mastery system. The mastery system is like a an experience bar on steroids. It takes a simple task like leveling up and turns it into a nightmare. The whole point of this system seems to be based around once again grinding. All in all it’s terrible for so many reasons but for me there only needs to be one.


The game promotes elitism. On a certain mission I ran into one of these elitists, to say the least it put a sour taste in my mouth for the community. This is the opposite side of the community that I explained above, and seems to become more toxic the further you progress into the game.

The skills in this game are atrocious. They basically take a great combat system and turn it into a joke. Skills turn a fun mission to protect a point into a single frame pressing one button over and over and destroying everything before it gets near the protected point.

Score: 2/5

The game isn’t going to retain those that require a quest style goal, but will retain those who like to farm and grind. The visuals are beautiful but lose luster once you get into the core of the game. Combat is cool but becomes useless as the game progresses and one button spam frames become more abundant. The cash shop is neutral, while it does give advantages early, it doesn’t really make a difference because it can all be had from playing the game.