The World of Warcraft (Legion)

I’m back! I’m glad to be writing about games again. It’s really odd that I can write about all kinds of different things but I enjoy writing about games the most. I think I have to just come to the realization that I am a game writer. So with this realization I will be making a goal to write about something (WoW probably) once a week for the remainder of the year!!!

To get you up to date, since my computer (and monetary situation) has gotten quite a bit better since I started this blog years ago, I’m going to be doing more video content. I will be getting a cam tonight and making my first video of my impressions of class changes in World of Warcraft, as well as talking about my new guild (The Pink Posse). I will then probably just record some gameplay of my balance druid (My main for Legion) and explain why I came to the conclusion I wanted to play the druid in particular, balance.

Leaving you with my first balance druid video EVER!!!! Miss those guys that I was playing with too!

As always thanks for stopping by and checking me out!