The good news

I got some good news today regarding a game that had fallen off of my radar just due to lack of information. I’m talking about The Elder Scrolls Online. Its seems as though having friends in Washington D.C. has paid off and I will be attending the beta for “TESO”. I can’t really say much more on it as the beta hasn’t even been announced but anonymous sources tell me we are looking at an announcement in the next week or so. This news came as a shock to me as I not only forgot about the MMO in general but even had I been paying attention to it for the last few months, I would have never thought they were this close to a beta.

The bad news

  1. While I would love to divulge information from day one, I hold value in an NDA and adhere to them for the sake of the game and the money for legal fee’s I do not possess.
  2. I don’t have access to anymore keys, please don’t ask, though if I do come across any I will probably be having a give-away.
  3. I will not be writing as often because I will be testing….