The class (Slayer)

I picked the slayer class because it seemed like a fit for my play style, very mobile (dodge) and high damage output. What I found out about the class after playing for the first 5 levels was that it not only was mobile but it’s a bit over powered and hits like a truck. These are the qualities of the Slayer. There are a few cons tot he slayer but they do not show up until 20+ (this class is very overpowered from 1-19).

The combat

The combat felt a little clunky for the first few hours of play but I slowly got used to it. It is meant to reward correct positioning and paying attention and punish those who can’t seem to be in the correct spot at the correct time. Swinging the sword was the most awkward part of the combat experience until I figured it out. The key was instead of holding the left button for the combo attack, single clicking the left mouse button to get the desired effect while still allowing me time to commit to the dodge (or sidestep) if need be. This can be a bit tricky to figure out but once you have it figured out it becomes second nature.

The abilities are a bit sluggish but when timed right are devastating enough to take an army of minions in one swat or a single monster (regular) in a cycle of abilities. The really cool thing about level 10 was that I was getting second ranks of the abilities I had become used to using and destroying things with ease. I can’t say enough about the synergy that the abilities start to show at level 18. This was a well thought out class and deserves a quick look if you are new to melee and want a hard hitting yet mobile class.

The enhancement system

This is where things get cool and lame all at once. Lets go over the cool things first and revisit the not so cool things afterwards.

First thing is first, understanding the gem system is really easy. if there is a gem slot in the weapon or armor you put a gem in it, boosting certain aspects of your armor or physical (or magical for a caster) attack. Weapon gems are red while armor gems are blue. Armor gems only slot in armor and weapon gems only slot in weapons (go figure…). The gems are exactly like equipment, to replace a gem all you have to do is unequip it, as you would a weapon or piece of armor. This allows many combinations of gems to be used on a whim (unlike most gem systems where once the gem is slotted you either replace and destroy the existing gem or can no longer re-gem). This is one of the most interesting parts of the enhancement game as it allows you to stack certain gems (I stat MP5 gems) that give you an edge in battle.

Now to the bad. Simply put the enchanting system is a bit to be desired. It is very expensive, not a guarantee that you will get a successful +1 enchant (items can be enchanted to +9 every third level of enchantment the item opens up another boost all the while every level adds stats to the attack and magic attack modifiers). To enchant an item (and not all items are enchant-able) you must have an equal item (weapons for weapons and armor for armor) and a Gheist powder that is bought from a merchant for 10 silver each. The higher the item level it seems the larger amount of Gheist powders you need per point of enchantment. My current sword is sitting at +6 and I spent at least 4 gold enchanting it. It just seems as though it is a very tedious and expensive way to go about things. Not really a selling point for this game in my gamers opinion.

Questing and other sources of experience

Honestly the questing is a bit of a grind. Kill 10 Deku’s (treant like mobs for those who are familiar with World of Warcraft). Collect five fallen soldier insignias, and of course the occasional pointless escort quest to nowhere. The story is almost unable to be followed (because it’s just not intriguing), and the quests get mundane after a while. Luckily you level quickly in this game because of the over average amount of experience given for monsters and packs of minions. All in all the quest system is a bit “grindy” and dated but do-able with a level 60 cap.

BAMS (Bad ass monsters)

This is something that really keeps me wanting to play the game. there are quests in the game that lead you to an area of BAMS, and these BAMS are the equivalent of a raid boss in most other MMO’s. This is a very enjoyable part of the game and works well with the mechanics of combat. I have only killed a few BAMS so I don’t have much to say on this subject but what I have seen, it looks like a very fun thing to do in game.

Level 1-20 rating

I give it a modest 8 out of 10. While it doesn’t innovate in any area other than the combat and BAMS, it easily makes up for those flaws with the aforementioned. I can’t wait to log in every day after work and I tend to find myself thinking of the game while I am at work!

Next up Slayer LvL 20-40 impressions

-Jeff Norman