The Scenario

This poor guy on Guru got blasted for a mere suggestion, is this what we are to expect from the members of the Guild Wars 2 community? I sincerely hope not…

Sound the alarms!

I don’t mean to be the guy who stands up for the little guy, sometimes it just happens and sometimes I just feel the need to voice my opinion to those who “throw the first stone” . I try to stay out of these squabbles because the vast majority of the original thread starters don’t even care. This one just seemed to be a sore point with me so I figured I would step up to the plate and swing at a few.

Time for a bit of reality…

First I have to say I’m not for mounts, but I’m also not into falsely verified information or single minded masses.

Guild Wars 2 is not a new concept, it’s still an MMO, you still kill critters, creeps, and mobs, you still make money, you still do dungeons, you still do things that progress you through a story. None of this sounds new to me. Let us not pretend like this is the most innovative thing of the 21st century. It’s not curing cancer nor providing world peace, it is simply a better version of what we have been working up to for years.

The point

The point being the “original poster” is being chastised for something that we have been using for almost a decade (if not a decade) in MMO’s and has become something of a staple for the majority of MMO’s (only including WoW not all exclusive….). Asking a question and or making a suggestion does not translate to “Sound the alarm and grab your torches and pitch forks!” it merely means that some one has an opinion that differs from yours (regardless if you are with or against the “general consensus”).

An open minded community will not fail, let’s not get into that mentality that countless other communities have adopted and have been branded with a tarnished reputation.

A message

To the “OP“, keep them idea’s coming, however misguided they may be, free thinking is the spirit of innovation and progress. Something I am very fond of and really look for in a progressive state of mind.