The what…

I was reading a forum post on Guru about the implementation of dungeon tokens asking whether or not players liked this system. My intentions  in Guildwars 2, is to go back to basics. I really liked grinding out things that I wanted but don’t really “have” to have. I understand the authors point but totally disagree…

Trading won’t work…

While I don’t mind the occasional BoE being sold/traded, I believe that most of these items unless put on a ridiculously low drop rate become under valued and almost common. The value of a piece of armor or a weapon directly relates to the availability of said item. When you allow trading, you open a door to flood the market with items that are otherwise sought after.

Dungeon tokens were put in the game to give players a reason to go into a certain dungeons at any level to gain access to certain armor sets. This stimulates players to play with each other and removes the level gap with level scaling. If there were no reason to go into a dungeon why would anyone do them?

Grinding one item or twenty?

When talking about having to grind out a certain dungeon for a set of armor the number 20 was used. Now while I understand that grinding isn’t a friendly term to gamers, it is a daily part of our life and we have come to accept a little here and there. I feel as though twenty dungeons is a very feasible and agreeable amount. The simple fact is, the balance has to be made between easy and fun, so the bar has to be set at a height that is acceptable to gamers while not feeling like a chore.

Pride and prestige…

I remember the day I got Hand of rag on my Warrior and  Shadowmourne on my Death Knight in World of Warcraft. These were days of pride and a sense of accomplishment. Months and months of work had culminated into a single item that I could wear with pride through the major cities of the respective expansions.
While it’s no gold medal in the Olympics, it is a very prestigious and prideful monument to your trials and tribulations, and it not only reminds you but reminds all of those around you how hard work is rewarded. If things like this were given to us would we appreciate them as much? Would others appreciate them as much?

So what’s your take on this?

What do you think about the dungeon token system? Would you rather be handed a piece of gear from a trade or would you prefer to have that item and the stories that go along with aquirring it?

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