Today while reading over a daily grind article and it’s comments, I realized how much the MMO industry has changed and why it has changed over the last 10 years.

Let’s get into a few of my comments and some comments from others:


The days of endless raiding are coming to a halt, even the guys like me who loved it for YEARS are starting to realize, it’s more of a time sink than it is fun. BryanCole  got it right in a sort. FFXI would never have been “THE” game regardless of the shadow it was cast under, it lacked a few simple things liked the ability to jump, and the ability to solo.

The type of game play that is considered fun has changed. MMO Veterans (as my self and I’m sure others who have commented here) are outnumbered and it’s the economies fault. The economy has made it a far better choice to spend time home gaming instead of vacationing and spending loads of money on other hobbies. This has rapidly grown the MMO industry and as such the industry must change to stay current with it customer base. We the “Veterans” were conditioned to progression (most of us) and now we are about to be re-conditioned into the new era of MMO gaming.

Point is the market changed because new people arrived and they are the  majority now. Progression raiding had it’s moment in the sun and now it’s time to give up that crown and watch as the new leader emerges.
Progression raiding was fun and exciting for the 10 or so years that we had it, and for some this will be the breaking point that will make them either stay with a sinking ship or abandon it all together. The others will adapt as the MMO changes.

I for one look forward to Guild Wars 2, with it’s anti-end game attitude as I have adapted to a new favorite style of play (Casual gaming).


Ask yourself would you raid if there was no gear rewards. Let me answer for 95% of you and say no. So you are doing something you don’t want to do to get something you want.  That’s what people call a job.

 If you find a good group of people to raid with it is fun. But that only means the people are fun not the raiding. Sitting on a bench doing nothing but hanging out with your friends is fun. So the raiding is not fun its just the hang out spot for your friends. But its restricted to how many friends you can play with. Sorry Sam we are full on rouges this week so you can’t play with us.


 DavidOlmstead  Or my favorite, “Sorry Joe, you’re DPS is 10 below some arbitrary number we’ve defined that says you are talented enough at your class to earn the privilege of raiding with us.”


This is the reason I ultimately agree with leaving the current model behind.

If X rogue does Y damage, you are now sated to this number or you are replaced. Min maxing was great for a time but is now more of a burden than an artform.

“So I press 1 then 2 three times, then 3 two times, then finish with 4 but if Z happens then I must adapt and do Y to maximize….”

I think I would rather see movement skill over what buttons can I memorize to press in an order determined by some guy on a forum who spent hours figuring out what buttons to press and when.

Anyone ever heard the statement “Don’t stand in fire”?
I vote for more “Don’t stand in fire” and less Min/max DPS HPS TPS talks…

I don’t think an article is needed as this is based on the old idea of a blogless blogger…

Take a moment to read the article on Massively and even leave a few comments if you feel froggy.