Just wanted to touch base with my two loyal readers, I just got back from a mini-vacation on Lake Gaston for the 4th and have been a bit under the weather after being bit by a Black Widow spider. I’m not dying nor am I even sick anymore as my abdominal pains have lessened and the bite area was never noticed so there’s no pain there.

To catch you up:

In the next week, I will be submitting my first article for MMO Crunch and I will be working on a statement to the post made by Klep over @ Troll racials are OP (and boy do I have a lot to say). The next few days may be a bit dry as I make my transition from blogger to blogger / writer but I promise no less than the sub par crap I already give you now (maybe after being bit by the spider I will have super-human writing abilities).

Besides the spider bite and the massive amount of sun I got on my mini-vacation not much else is new, so without further ado behold me signing off…..