Disclaimer: Rants and raids, is just a spot for me to vent my frustration with whatever I see fit. Sometimes it will be about game development, sometimes it will be about other websites, and other times it might be about whats going on in my currently sub’ed MMO. Either way, its my time to vent and if you don’t like it don’t read it!

In a world where mobile phones have better replacements being built before they even hit the shelves, I don’t see how anyone in the world could have been surprised with the news that was announced by Massively.com about Gods and Heroes Online. It seems that the media hounds over at Massively.com will write anything and call it newsworthy. This being apparent when they allow writers like Jeremy Stratton to publish articles of little or no actual fact that resemble more of a “fanboy” rant than an actual article meant to compare the design of two games.

The point is that we as gamers should be tired of getting strung along by these types of stories. We should embrace what is good and reject what is bad as we do with the games that we play and don’t play for these respective reasons. We should realize that the quality in which we receive news is just as important as the actual piece of information being fed to us. I for one am tired of seeing half-ass stories about Gods and heroes out selling Rift and other older games (which buy the way was only on Steam ). I mean really? Was this an intentional troll or an unintentional one, because honestly it couldn’t possibly have been anything else. I also wonder if maybe it was just a poor excuse of an inflation trick to make others think “Oh wow, people are playing this game let me go buy it quickly, see what it’s about!”, I mean we are dealing with AOL here.

Draw conclusions…