verb /ˌrevəˈlo͞oSHəˌnīz/ 
revolutionised, past participle; revolutionised, past tense; revolutionises, 3rd person singular present; revolutionising, present participle; revolutionized, past participle; revolutionized, past tense; revolutionizes, 3rd person singular present; revolutionizing, present participle

Change (something) radically or fundamentally

  • – this fabulous new theory will revolutionize the whole of science

The Point…
Now that we have that out of the way, I would like to go into it a bit further with MMO’s. First let me say that this article will be solely devoted to the development and security of SW:TOR and after reading an article over on Massively and watching the comments pour in, I realized that the word “revolutionize” can single handedly be the fall of this games launch. It seems as though the people commenting have some preconception that “ToR” will and needs to be some ground breaking MMO.  In all honesty, I will be happy just to see it succeed on the merit that its “Fun“, you know that word that used to mean something to gamers, before we became too cool for games. Can it just be fun, can we decide to just receive it as it is with no hype and preconception?

Take the game as a game, it’s not a way of life and it’s not a life changing decision, it’s a game, nothing more and nothing less. At $50 it will be a little steep, but at least you get 30 days of play time to figure out if it’s just a nice looking box to add to your shelf display, or the game for you. “ToR” will be what you make of it, buy into the hype and you will likely be disappointed, play the game for what it is and you will likely be pleasantly surprised. Don’t let the “Usurpers of opinion” dictate yours.