I think the current state of PvP has its ups and downs. I’m not gonna sit here and QQ about the damage difference between casters and melee, or the fact that it takes a miracle to kill a healer as a single DPS. What I am going to talk about is the fact that PvP is not meant to be easy, no matter the situation, PvP was crap before the patch. Before there were very little advantages to being a healer in a BG and the ones that normally did step into a BG were so bad that most felt they were a hindrance  by taking a spot that a potential DPS could have filled (kill fast, you don’t need a healer).

With Patch 4.0 the game changed. Healers are easier to level and much more fun, tanks have been normalized so that they can’t just solo a group of 5 players trying to kill them, DPS has been nerfed a bit (aside from casters until cataclysm where it should even out). BG’s are taking on the guise of arena. Arena wasn’t easy, if you could PvP and could play your class you were good, if you sucked, you lost. This goes the same for BG’s now that we are heading into the final days of “WotLK”, BG’s have been tuned to be the new arena (rated BG’s).

So in short, to all of those that complain that casters are so over powered and that healers are unable to be killed and melee DPS dies too fast, just remember this-

Blizzard is building a game to be played for the next few years, not revamping a system that is meant to be used for the next few weeks.